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GIVEAWAY: Malocchio and The Miffs

Pictured: Sinead, Taylar, Hannah and Erin - The Miffs Photo by: @electrummusicphotography

Who doesn't like freebies!

Head over to our Insta @tastemalocchio to check out this awesome giveaway with local Melbourne rockers The Miffs (closes 30th August 2022 5pm AEST).

Comprising of Hannah Mawson (bass), Sinead Brassil (drums), Taylar Paige (vocals) and Erin Grace (guitar, vocals), The Miffs are a powerhouse of energy bringing positive vibes and heavy sounds blended with ethereal storytelling. Their tasty new EP ‘Nosh’ is out now on all streaming platforms and is packed full of all the things we like, psych, punk, soul, surf and of course rock 'n roll.

Pictured: Nosh EP - The Miffs Artwork by: @nibsonmother

Instagram: @themiffsband

Facebook: @themiffsband

Bandcamp: The Miffs

Spotify: The Miffs

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