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Made by creative’s for creative’s, Malocchio Drinks was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2020 by partners Antonio Marra and Anna Chiera.

In an industry dominated by the big players that speak to the mainstream, Antonio and Anna set out to create a brand that resonates with the counter culture of Australia and like-minded individuals that share their love of live music, art and all things weird and wonderful.

Named after an old Italian superstition malocchio translates to evil eye and is a superstitious belief that a curse can be cast on someone just from a glare, often out of envy.

Malocchio Drinks embodies the belief of not letting the envy of others stop you from doing what you love.

The imagery on the cans relate to the Mano Cornuto, meaning ‘horned hand’. This protects you from the malocchio, warding off bad energy and it also pays homage to rock n’ roll.

photo one of the directors from Malocchio Drinks sitting at a table with a selection of Malocchio hard seltzers

Their first range of drinks being a spirit based hard seltzer had come into some challenges competing with the brewed seltzers. This was due to brewed seltzers being classed as a beer, which then incurs half the tax of a spirit base making them a more accessible option to consumers.


This was a recipe Antonio and Anna tried during their development stage but were wanting more from the flavour profile. They were after a cleaner, refreshing seltzer that tasted just like what it should, a seltzer or as we know it as here, a soda water.

Finger Lime Malocchio hard seltzer cans on the production line

Combining premium ingredients, natural flavours inspired by native Australian botanicals and minimal sugar they released their first two flavours, Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum at the end of 2020.


Available in convenient 250mL cans, Malocchio Hard Seltzers are just 1 standard drink with 5% ABV and are all under 84 calories.

They were able to establish a strong customer base in the first 6 months with consumers saying Malocchio is the best seltzer they've tried! This was confirmed in the World Premix Awards 2023 when Kakadu Plum received World’s Best and Gold, along with Finger Lime receiving Silver.

They have continued to grow adding another flavour in October 2021, Black Cherry and have more flavours as well as other drink categories on the horizon.

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