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EDITORIAL: 'More than just an alcoholic soda water: Is Malocchio the drink the creative culture has been waiting for?'

New article by Jacob McCormack for Beat Online. Thanks legends!

Malocchio Hard Seltzer in a can being poured into a glass.
Photo Credit: Attic Films

With firm roots in the Melbourne music scene, it was job instability caused by Covid-19 that saw Brunswick residents Anna and Antonio pursue the creation of a brand-new seltzer company - Malocchio.

The word Malocchio has Italian origins, meaning the evil eye: the evil eye of envy, jealousy or just a bad look. It roots itself in superstition. However, when paired with what rock ‘n’ roll has claimed as its global hand gesture, people can protect themselves from the notion of Malocchio.

The idea for the seltzer company resides in just that, but the globally recognised rock ‘n’ roll symbol has more meaning for the pair than the superstition suggests.

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