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malocchio hard seltzer cans in a row, kakadu plum, finger lime and black cherry flavour against a black background



Hard = Alcohol
Seltzer = Sparkling water


Here at Malocchio HQ we believe a true hard seltzer should be refreshing like a crisp soda water, accompanied by a subtle sweetness from natural, fruit flavours and spiked with a neutral spirit giving you a clean taste from start to finish.

With all these elements combined we're proud to present our low sugar, low calorie alternative.

Enjoy our refreshing seltzers straight from a chilled can or over ice.

5x distilled neutral grain spirit

Natural flavours

Only 1.6g sugar

Less than 84 calories

250ml cans / 5% ABV
1 Standard Drink

malocchio hard seltzer black cherry can being poured into a glass against a black background
malocchio hard seltzer kakadu plum can against a black background with world premix awards 2023 world's best hard seltzer and gold icons
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