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Malocchio hard seltzer cans Kakadu plum and finger lime being held up in the air in a cheers position with a green tree in the background


Partners Antonio Marra and Anna Chiera are a couple of creatives from Brunswick Melbourne, with a passion for music, art and their Italian heritage. During the uncertainty in 2020 they came up with the idea to start an alcohol brand with a difference, one that wasn’t bound by the mainstream and that resonated with them and the counterculture of Australia.

“This is an exciting space to be in and it allows us to share all the things we love with our fellow Australians.”


With a focus on quality, and unique flavours, the idea behind their drinks is to keep it simple, like traditional Italian cooking with minimal ingredients that complement each other.

Named after an old Italian superstition translating to evil eye, the ‘malocchio’ (pronounced ma-lo-kio) is believed to be a curse that is cast by giving someone a malevolent stare, often out of jealousy.

“For us Malocchio is about being proud of your individuality and not letting the envy of others stop you from doing what you love.”

Incorporating the eye and hand imagery associated with the superstition and adding their own personal touches, the hand gesture not only protects you from the ‘malocchio’, it also pays homage to the classic rock n’ roll salute, one that unites musicians and fans alike all over the world.

Illustration of tarot cards

Antonio and Anna have created their first range of alcoholic drinks that engage all the senses; taste, smell and sight to give you a complete experience.

Malocchio Hard Seltzers are available in Black Cherry, Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum, three distinct flavours to satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. Using a premium, 5x distilled neutral spirit base, the natural flavours take centre stage without overshadowing the clean balance of a refreshing, lightly flavoured, sparkling water.

Find your local stockist and 'Taste the Alternative'.

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